Week In Books – w/e 1/4/18

Week In Books is a feature where I catch you up on my week in the book world, whether it be new books I’ve one-clicked, books that have caught my eye, book-world news, reviews, and what I’ve been reading that week. I’d love to see your own Week In Books in the comments!

I asked and you guys responded! One Day In December by Josie Silver was chosen to be my next read and I am loving it! I laughed from page one, and I can’t wait to see where this book goes next. One Day In December is Josie’s debut novel and it’s set to release on September 1st for Kindle, and October for paperback/hardcover. I am so in love with this cover.

Edited to add: Oh god, you guys. This book has taken on a whole new path I did not expect. My poor heart. It doesn’t know whether to soar or flatline. I can’t put it down.

So I’m thinking it’s going to be between my ARCs of The Chateau by Tiffany Reisz (more Kingsley – yes please!!!), and The Boy And His Ribbon by Pepper Winters. It’s another impossible choice as they both look amazing, so again, I’m going to need your help!! Which should I go for??

  • The amazing writing duo, Christina Lauren, are releasing a new book on April 10th called Love And Other Words, and in the lead up to its release, they’ve been revealing chapters on their website! You can check out the prologue, chapter one, and chapter two!
  • Monica Murphy released a new book called Her Defiant Heart exclusively on iBooks! Unfortunately that does mean that for the time being (or forever?) you can’t read it anywhere else, but YAY for a new Monica Murphy book!!
  • FREE BOOK ALERT!! BB Easton’s novel 44 Chapters About 4 Men is currently free at the time of posting!! I’ve heard amazing things about this book and author so I’ve just snapped this up!!
  • I posted two new reviews on the blog this week, and both were 5 stars!! Oh, it’s good to have my reading mojo back! First up was Drive by Kate Stewart, sexy and gritty and angsty perfection! And then there was The Watermark by Tiffany Reisz which is found in the Exposed anthology, Søren’s sometimes sub, Simone, finds herself a secretly kinky cowboy! Full of Reisz’s signature style, it’s a must read for all Original Sinners fans!

That’s all I’ve got for you this week, make sure you check back for the next Week In Books, and sign up to my blog to receive email updates!

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