An explanation…

So. You may have noticed (or some of you may not) that I haven’t really been around much in the last six months or so. Over the last five years I have been a huge bookworm, just like the rest of you. Devouring books at every opportunity. Sure, I’ve encountered a few funks over the years which had me unable to read for a week or two, but nothing that another reread of UnDeniable by Madeline Sheehan couldn’t fix.

Unfortunately, last year I hit a funk which even Duece and his crew couldn’t get me out of. Neither could any of my Ultimate Authors. I wanted to read. I tried and tried but I just couldn’t find it in myself to continue on with any book. My love of books turned into a love of Netflix. Instead of binge reading books, I was binge watching shows. And I loved it. Finally watching shows everyone had been raving about. But I missed getting lost inside the pages of a book.

It took until two weeks into January (around six months into the funk) for me to finish a book. With Bad Mommy by Tarryn Fisher, I finally found my mojo. I went from one book to another, devouring every word within, and I loved every second of it. Now January has been and gone, and taken my funk right along with it, I’ll be starting back up with my blog. I won’t be trying to fill in all the blank spaces from months gone, (I didn’t read so I have nothing to fill it with) so I’ll be drawing a line from today and going back to bringing you news, reviews and giveaways! 

*deep sigh* It feels good to be back.


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