Review – HERE TO STAY by Suanne Laqueur

The third and final full length book in the Fish Tales series by Suanne Laqueur, was just as fantastic as its predecessors. Another 5 star read from me.

here to stay


“You can’t sort of do this, Fish. Draw a line and get on one side or the other…”

Love is never so sweet as when it receives a second chance. In the sequel to her award-winning novel The Man I Love, Suanne Laqueur continues the story of Erik Fiskare’s romance with Daisy Bianco. Though separated for twelve years, the extraordinary bond forged in their youth has endured. But when your soulmate has caused you indescribable pain, how easy is it to forgive? How much trust is needed to place your heart back into the hands that once broke it? How much faith does it take to ask the question, “Do you still want me?” and believe in the reply: “I still want us.”

Erik and Daisy commit to creating a new life together. They are separated by geography, loyal to career commitments and burdened with lingering pain from a decade spent apart. Yet despite the challenges, Erik knows Daisy is the best thing to happen to him twice.

Slowly Erik earns back Daisy’s love as well as the trust of his incomparable friend, Will Kaeger. Both relationships grow deeper and more complex, as do Erik’s ties to the past. Unexpected contact with distant cousins offers new insight to the cruel childhood desertion that shaped so much of Erik’s adult life. With Daisy at his side, he travels back to his hometown to meet his people, explore his family’s history and learn about the men who wore his heirloom necklace before him.

The cathedral once burned down is rebuilt. But a love affair is never a finished thing. Life is never without its tragedies. Daisy and Erik soon face a threat more harrowing than gunfire, more sorrowful than the lost years. With Will at his back and family close by, Erik must fight for the things he once walked away from and prove his love is here to stay.


The Fish Tales series is one which has completely taken me over. When I picked up book 1, I had no idea I would end up binge-reading this series, book after book, within the space of a week. Not only did I love this series enough to devour it, but I loved it enough to crown it one of my favourite series, and top reads of 2016.

Here To Stay started where Give Me Your Answer True ended. Daisy and Fish have officially been reunited and I couldn’t have been happier!! They had been separated for a looong time, and I was so ready for them to get back on track towards the HEA that they so very much deserved. It was so good to see them together again, though it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

They had a lot to talk about from not only their time apart, but also the events which led to Erik leaving Lancaster all those years ago. Erik also had to not only make it up to Daisy, but also everyone else who he left behind, especially Will, who is a series favourite for me. I loved Will and Erik’s relationship probably just as much as I loved Erik and Daisy’s.

Here To Stay kind of steps away from the whole Lancaster ordeal, and takes a twist I wasn’t expecting, turning almost into a bit of a mystery. I loved this aspect of the book. It really kept me on my toes and I thought it was a great plotline addition to the series. I also love how when this “mystery” is resolved, it helped to make the ending the very best it could possibly be.

I was sad to see The Fish Tales series end, though I was more than happy with how perfectly it all ended. Erik, Daisy, Will, Lucky, and the Bianco’s, are characters I will hold dearly in my heart for a long time to come. This series is a must read!!


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*

THE MAN I LOVE #1 – Out Now!
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HERE TO STAY #3 – Out Now!
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