Review – PERSONAL APOCALYPSE by Nazarea Andrews

After the incredible 5 star series which was The World Without End by Nazarea Andrews, I was left completely satisfied with how things finally ended for Finn and Nurren, but also still desperate for more from the story as a whole. My wish has been granted with a spin off series, the first off which, Personal Apocalypse, is out now!! And guess what? It’s another 5 stars all the way.



Josiah grew up in a dying world. The Holdout survived, but when you are the son of Sylvia Cragen, you give up delusions early. He knew that they would die bloody–it wasn’t a matter of if. Only when.
Parker shouldn’t be alive. He should have died long before scouts from the Last Holdout rescued him. And he knows better than to believe that sailing away from the safety of the Holdout is a good idea.
Now, without the Holdout to protect them, all of his nightmares are coming true. Josiah is just crazy enough to believe that a fresh start is a good thing. But Parker has lived as prey, hunted by zombies and survivors before–and he knows that no one really survives. In the wild, zombie claimed world outside the walls of safety, there is only the dead walking.

*The first in a new series set in the zombie world of The World Without End.*


Each of us. We all have a moment. Our own personal Apocalypse.
This is mine.

Having the chance to re-enter the world of one of your favourite ever series is always an amazing feeling. I knew when it came to reading Personal Apocalypse that I would need to find the perfect time where I could just settle down and read from beginning to end because I can never put these books down, Andrews latest offering was no different. I devoured it.

In Personal Apocalypse, we pick up where we left off at the end of The World Without End series. Yes, that means we get more Finn and Ren, even though the story is told from the POV’s of Finn’s brother, Josiah, and Parker. Yes, they are both males. No, that doesn’t make the book any less addictive, the storyline any less gripping, the writing any less phenomenal, or the romance any less beautiful.

I loved how even though we’ve had 4 full length novels from this setting, the spinoff still has so much more to give! I loved really getting to know more about Siah and Parks. I loved slowly finding out about Parker’s heart-breaking past. I loved the twists!!! Oh my word, there were some goodies!! I loved seeing Fin and Ren again. I loved how Josiah and Parker just fit so perfectly, no matter how different they may seem. And I loved that in the midst of such chaos and destruction, there was a truly beautiful relationship. One that not everyone understood or appreciated, but one that thrived and soared despite it all.

This was such a perfect start to a spinoff series which is sure to be just as intense and consuming as it’s predecessor. 5 stars all the way.



THE WORLD WITHOUT END (Complete Series Box Set) – Out Now!
Goodreads | UK eBook | US eBook

Goodreads | UK eBook | US eBook


Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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