Warning – ETERNAL HORIZON by Stephenie Meyer is a FAKE

I recently posted about the new release of Life And Death by Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Reimagined), and new spin off novel, Eternal Horizon. I can now officially confirm that Eternal Horizon is a SCAM to make money off the best selling series. So dear readers, if you’ve pre-ordered, CANCEL IT, pronto!



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5 thoughts on “Warning – ETERNAL HORIZON by Stephenie Meyer is a FAKE

  1. I am the author of Eternal Horizon, and I haven’t even completed it. Many of my readers brought it to my attention, that someone has plagiarized my fan fiction and is pretending to be Stephanie Meyer. Evidently to plot and title are identical, and I’m absolutely horrified by this. Please if anyone sees someone trying to sell this, notify someone immediately to have it removed.


    • Hi! Thanks for helping to clear things up. I looked into it all when I found out it was fake and saw your fanfic page, clearing stating it was your writing and not SM’s. I hope you don’t get caught up in the flames on this one if its not you publishing it.


      • No, I have contacted Amazon about this, and it most certainly was not me who published it. As a writer it’s heartbreaking that FanFiction isn’t even safe from being stolen. It’s already piggybacking off of Stephanie Meyer’s incredible stories so I can’t imagine what delusional person ever thought that they could pass this off as theirs and pretend to be Stephanie and try to dupe Twilight fans. I’m so disgusted by all of this and I just want people to know that I had no part in this and I want to make sure whoever tried to publish it doesn’t try to again, under a different name and/or title.


      • I’ve actually seen fanfic get plagiarised on more than one occasion. A well known author in our community was found to have plagiarised all “her work” from fanfic written years ago. One of the fanfic authors actually ended up publishing the real book and becoming a best seller after everything came out.


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