New Review – THE WORLD WITHOUT END Series Box Set by Nazarea Andrews

Four highly addictive novels, four fantastic short stories, a gripping novella, and an exclusive look at Nazarea Andrews’ upcoming book, The Blood Scion!!! How could this box set possibly be wrong?


The complete set of The World Without End series, with exclusive bonus content.

The World Without a Future–Book 1
Nurrin has spent her entire life in a world with zombies, behind the dubious safety of Haven walls. But when her Haven falls, she manages to escape with her boyfriend, brother and her brother’s partner.
Finn O’Malley wants nothing more than to leave his past behind. But on the run in zombie nfested lands, he’s forced to work with Nurrin to find the medicine that might save her boyfriend.
The Havens are falling, and in the end, everything ends in blood.

The Horde Without End–Book 2
It was supposed to be over. But the stakes are even higher and there is no one to trust but Finn.
They’re following breadcrumbs, and Finn’s past is catching up with them. And time is running out–the zombies aren’t the only dangerous thing in the world.
In the end, there is only blood–blood that is spilled, and blood that is shared.

The Future Without Hope–Book 3
Everything has changed. The Order has their hands in every dark corner of the Haven. With enemies on every side, and the horde bringing down the Havens, the question isn’t who will survive. It’s how far are they willing to go?
In the end, only one thing will matter…

The Ruin of the World–Book 4
The thrilling conclusion to The World Without End series.
In the East, working for the Order, everything will change in one last battle.
It all ends in blood

Box Set Contents
The World Without A Future
The Horde Without End
The Future Without Hope
The Ruin of the World
Dinner in the Haven–Short Story
The Road Less Traveled–Short Story
The Girl Who Fought the East–Short Story
The First Kiss–short Story
Reclaiming the West–Novella
Exclusive look at The Blood Scion


One of my ultimate favourite series. Turning something I hate and making me love it and become completely addicted just shows how fantastic it is.

All 4 novels are included in this box set (complete series) with the additional bonus of 4 short stories (yes, 4!! Not 3!) which all added great insight into these characters, and then there’s a novella!!!

The shorts were fab. We got to see extra snippets of Finn (<3<3), Colin (sniff sniff), Finn and Kelsey (!!!!!!!!!), and Finn and Ren (fans self!). None of these scenes were *needed* in the previous novels, but they were very much appreciated in this box set by this super fan.

The novella was all kinds of epic. It follows 3 characters and is set AFTER the final novel in the series–psst, it’s not Ren and Finn, but it’s still all kinds of awesome, and left me desperate for more!

And finally, we are given a sneak peek at one of the authors future releases, The Blood Scion. Man alive, that book looks so freaking good!!! All I’m going to say is it needs to hurry up and release so I can read it and discuss!

Nazarea Andrews is one of the most versatile authors around, and I can’t wait to delve into the next world she creates.


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Nazarea Andrews is an avid reader and tends to write the stories she wants to read. She loves chocolate and coffee almost as much as she loves books, but not quite as much as she loves her kids. She lives in south Georgia with her husband, daughters, and overgrown dog.

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