New Review – WORKING IT by Kendall Ryan

It’s review time and today I bring you my review of Working It by the fabulous Kendall Ryan. Have you met sexy Ben yet?



Emmy Clarke is out of her depth in New York City’s fashion world, but when she lands a job as an assistant at a modeling agency it seems like the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Working under the notorious Fiona Stone is a nightmare, but there’s one distinct perk: ogling the ridiculously hot male models who parade through the office—particularly rising star Ben Shaw.

Ben is everything Emmy’s not: exquisitely gorgeous, highly paid, and well-traveled. He’s also got more issues than Vogue. Emmy looks after Ben on photo shoots, but she refuses to become another one of his lusting groupies. Ben finds Emmy’s refreshingly real attitude to be surprisingly attractive.

Against a backdrop of the most fashionable cities in the world, casual flirting turns into an illicit affair, but when Ben’s twisted past is revealed, and the bitter Fiona catches wind of their relationship, their careers and hearts are threatened.

Note: This book is intended for mature audiences. It contains sexual encounters and graphic language, including a m/f/m encounter.


I put off reading this book for a very long time. When it first got released, the reviews were very much love/hate, and I was scared to read it in case I joined the people who didn’t like it.

But then one day, I had some time to read any book that I wanted (that is very rare and precious for a blogger), and I decided that I’d give Working It a go. If I loved it, then great! If I didn’t, then I’d just move on, knowing that this one just wasn’t for me.

So what did I find when I finally started?

I loved it! I have to say that this is probably my joint favourite Kendall Ryan book (Hard To Love is my other top read), and I got well and truly wrapped up in this sinfully sexy novel.

Emmy is your average girl, trying to make it in a world full of people who are anything but. People like hot shot model Ben Shaw. And when ordinary and extraordinary collide, the results will irrevocably change the lives of all involved.

Damn this book was hot! In fact, it was HOTT! That’s right – it needs two “t”s and capital letters, because it was that steamy. Kendall Ryan is an author known for her sexy scenes, and I think she outdid herself in this one. There’s a certain scene involving a limo that is burned into my brain because of its heat levels.

As much as I love my smut though, I need to have a story as well, and Emmy and Ben’s definitely had my attention. I loved seeing their friendship grow, and transform into something more. And oh my word! Fiona. I don’t even know what to say about the parts she played in how this story turned out without spoilers so I’ll say nothing other than – T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

With a host of kickass characters including outspoken Ellie, and delicious Braydon (He’s got the goods pierced!!!!), Kendall Ryan has started a series that I cannot wait to continue. And believe me, after the way this book ends, you are going to need book #2 ready and waiting.


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*


WORKING IT #1 – Out Now!
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ALL OR NOTHING #3 – Out September 9th!
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