New Review and Interview – Blog Tour: SHATTERING HALOS by Sunniva Dee


I’m so happy to finally share my review of this incredible book with you, but not just that…I also interviewed the author, Sunniva Dee, which you can see below! Enjoy ❤

Title: Shattering Halos
Author: Sunniva Dee
Genre: New Adult/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: Feb 24 2014



I traded my death for love. I wasn’t given a choice. His decision has caught up with us, so now I am a living, breathing catalyst to war between Heaven and Hell.

The violations he committed saved my life. Since the collision, he’s appeared everywhere. In my hospital room, my school, even my house. He shows up in my paintings, my drawings, in all of my art projects. I can’t stop thinking about him.

He says his name is Gabriel, and he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He doesn’t know how I can see him or why he wants me in ways that should be impossible for a Celestial.
My obsession grows. I need him to hold me, kiss me—give all of himself. For every day he protects me, the consequences loom darker and taller. Soon, they’ll crash down on us.

The war is about to begin.


It’s been five months since the first time I read this book. Five months in which I’ve opened up a page countless times attempting to review it. Trying to let you know exactly why this book made my list of Top 13 Books Of 2013 before it was even released. But how do I find the words that will do a book as incredible as SHATTERING HALOS justice?

A book that blew me away so much that the only notes I could forward to the author was “WOW!” It left me speechless, with my mind in overdrive trying to put all my thoughts together, and even now, after all this time, I get a thrill when I think of this book but I’m still struggling to say anything other than WOW!!

Getting told from one of my most favourite authors out there, “Holly, you NEED to read this book. It’s so amazing, you will love it.” SOLD! I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it (at which point it had a different title) and when Sunniva sent it over I dove straight in to this story that felt so real and alive, that I was in this book haze for days afterwards. Just wandering around replaying scene after scene in my head, like memories of something that had actually happened to me.

If you’re not such a fan of Paranormal then that’s ok. You don’t need to be. SHATTERING HALOS is very much an NA book, only with the added perfection of shimmering, and brooding angels that will win you over, and have you swooning in no time at all. But I’m going to say this now – and because I read it so long ago I absolutely have the right to say this – Cassiel is mine. I’ve laid claim to him in all his smoldering splendour.

There’s a reason why I loved this book so hard last October. There’s a reason that I love it just as much (if not more) with every reread that I do. There’s a reason this was my favourite book of 2013. And there’s a reason it had 23 5 STAR reviews on Amazon within 9 hours of it going LIVE. Sunniva Dee’s writing is flawless and her way of telling a story leaves you desperate for more.

My advice? Read this book right away so you can say you were a part of her journey from the beginning. I see a very bright future for this author in the book world, and for anyone to miss out on seeing it for themselves would be one heck of a shame.

SHATTERING HALOS definitely deserves a special place on my bookshelf of favourites and Sunniva Dee has worked her way onto my list of elite authors that I will read everything they release. A book and an author not to be missed.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*


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You are officially a published author! Congratulations. How does it feel to know your hard work is out there in the book world?

It’s a crazy feeling. Funny how knowing it’s going to happen eventually still doesn’t register until you hold your “baby” for the first time, aka the paperback. Soo purrty! I guess, like most first-time authors, I’m very subjective about the way my book looks! LOL!

How DID it feel finally getting to hold it in your hands?

I got a whole box of them, and I started picking them up really carefully, one by one, and grinning ear to ear. It felt absolutely AHMAZING!

LOL I can imagine. I’ve been raving about SHATTERING HALOS since before it was even picked up by a publisher (when it had a different name!) So to see it get 23 5 STAR reviews within 9 hours of release was pretty amazing for me. How did it feel for you to see all these people loving your book?

I was blown away. Obviously, not everyone is going to love every book out there–people have different tastes–so to read through all those reviews and read all the beautiful comments from readers made me shed more than one happy-tear!

Every time someone tells me how much they loved it I can’t help but SQUEE and say “I told you so!!!!” Lol

As we’re having this chat right now, I have STARGAZER on my kindle right in front of me, can we let readers in on anything to do with this? Or are we to keep them in the dark a little longer? 😉

Ooh! I am dying to get STARGAZER out there too. I’ve had readers call SHATTERING HALOS a mix between BEAUTIFUL DISASTER and the TV series SUPERNATURAL. It’s definitely a merge of two genres, New Adult and Paranormal.

With STARGAZER, I’m tipping more toward New Adult than paranormal. Yes, you get to meet a lot of the characters from SH, but in this one there’s more angst, more passion, more heat–and you will see much more of Cassiel. And I mean that in both the good and the bad way. My author friends and beta readers so far has likened this novel to a mixture of THOUGHTLESS and SUPERNATURAL. What happens when angels live their New Adult lives in harmony/disharmony with humans? 😉

I love Cassiel!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to get stuck into it.

I can’t wait to hear what you think, Holly! Just a warning: Cassiel is being…um, HIMSELF in this novel too.

Not only are you are writer but also an avid reader. Do you have a favourite genre to read (I know you’re a big fan of THOUGHTLESS by SC Stephens but we will get back to that in a minute)? Or do you like a bit of everything?

Due to my university background, I’ve read everything over the years. Classics, international bestsellers in the original language, etc, etc. I have so many favorites I don’t know where to start, so let’s limit it to my favorite New Adult reads.

I’m a sucker for good writing mixed with unpredictable, smart, and passionate story lines. Yes, I’m a big fan of THOUGHTLESS, and I’m not exactly quiet about my love for Cheryl McIntyre’s books. Among my favorites are LONG AFTER, BEFORE NOW–and her latest GETTING DIRTY, a serial, that took my breath away. Just gorgeous in a raw, gritty way. Then, there’s JAKE UNDONE by Penelope Ward, Mia Asher’s ARSEN, besides the common ones: everything  Colleen Hoover and Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster.

You know I share your love for Cheryl McIntrye. I stalked her ’till she decided it was easier to be my friend 😉 LOL

LOL, you’re a great friend, and Cheryl knew, I’m sure! ❤

As mentioned above, you’re a big fan of SC STEPHENS, and she has a copy of SHATTERING HALOS!!!!! How did that make you feel?

Yes, S.C. Stephens is a wonderful person as well as a great author. I don’t easily get starstruck, I really don’t, but when I discovered that she had added my book to her to-read list on Goodreads, I literally didn’t believe my own eyes. I had to show my husband and have him verify that I wasn’t dreaming this up. She now has a copy of it, and the thought of her reading SH makes me want to…hmm… flamenco? (Would be quite the sight.) Haha!

If SHATTERING HALOS was to be turned into a film, who would you choose to play the characters?

Ohhh, my! SWOON. Hmm, so hard. I’m sorry to say that Charlie Hunnum wouldn’t make a very good angel 😉


*cries* He could be one of the bad guys though 😉 There’s always room for Charlie Hunnum.

LOL! Yes, you are right!

Gabriel: If I could go back in time and choose Travis Fimmel from his long-haired, twenty-something stint while he was still a Calvin Klein model, he’d do Gabriel just nicely. ❤


Cassiel: Tough one. For his smoldering partly evil and hyper-sexy attitude, a young Ian Somerhalder would’ve made sense.


And funny how I have no opinion about the girls?! Why! All I know is that the one playing Gaia would need a skyrocketing sass factor.

Oooooh GREAT choices!

Are any of the characters based on real people?

No one is based on singular individuals, but I have friends and family with certain personality traits, sense of humor, and ways about them that I’ve used in SH. And with all characters, it’s hard to write them in a convincing way without them having a part of me in them too. 😉

What can fans expect to see from Sunniva Dee in 2014?

Yay, so happy that you asked that. STARGAZER is currently at my publisher’s. I’m expecting it to be released some time in 2014. Then, I’m working on two projects: MENDING HALOS, the last, standalone yet shocking sequel to SHATTERING HALOS, as well as a completely unrelated New Adult contemporary with the working title OPPOSITE. As it stands, the latter one will be a roller coaster ride to be “unleashed” before the end of the year too, while the first one, MENDING HALOS, is not going to see daylight until 2015.

MENDING HALOS??????? I am doing some major fangirling right now and will be hounding you for info on that when I finish STARGAZER 😉

LOL! Yes, I hope you still want to read MENDING HALOS after reading STARGAZER.

I have no doubt that I will 🙂 Do you have a message for your fans?

My message for my fans is this:
Writers aren’t all made of the same material; some are introverted, others not so much, and in my case I love the little messages you guys send me,  your posts on my FB wall, your tweets, and Goodreads posts and messages. I will never deny a friend request from a fan of Shattering Halos and I adore you all for loving my book and wanting more!

Your journey into the publishing world has only just begun but I see a very bright future for you. A big thank you for letting me be a part of it so early on, and I wish you every success. You definitely deserve it. ❤

And Holly – thank you so much for your prediction. I hope you are right. This is my life, my dream coming true, and I’m loving every minute. Thank you for taking the time to interview me!



I write New Adult fiction, mostly with a paranormal twist, and don’t shy away from romance and heart-wrenching passion when necessary. I moved from Norway to the United States in 2001, and the first awesome five years I spent in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Then I read “The Book”, aka, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which prompted me to drag my family and our menagerie of animals cross country to beautiful Savannah, Georgia.nI’m currently on my seventh year in the Deep South, where I enjoy the heat and the humidity. Besides writing, I spend time with the “petting zoo,” as in an opinionated parrot, cats that are experts on keyboard shortcuts, and puppies that … uh, bark. I hold a Master’s degree in languages, with concentrations within literature and linguistics. For ten years, I taught at university level, before settling in as a graduate adviser at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Writing is my passion, my joy—my addiction. SHATTERING HALOS is my debut novel, released by The Wild Rose Press, and when I’m not writing, I read. Tons.

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