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Title: Still Human

Author: Kerry Heavens

Release Date: October 22, 2013

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Danny and Liv are back…

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him because she ran without a word when she saw their future mapped out before her. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her and this time he doesn’t think he can move on.

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her because he broke her heart in the worst possible way, right when things were falling into place. She knows she will never love anyone like she loves him and this time she doesn’t think she can move on.

They needed a second chance because they just weren’t ready for their first, but when events changed everything between them, they discovered they were just human after all. Now Liv and Danny have to find a way to survive being hurt by each other. They doubted, they underestimated and they did believe the worst, but only because they were too young the first time and too vulnerable the second time. But now they have changed and if they are not the same, surely things can only turn out differently?

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****ARC received in exchange for an honest review****


“Like this tree, we stumbled and fell, but something so strong cannot be wiped out in one moment.”

I have been waiting for this book for what feels like forever. In reality it’s been a matter of months since I was lucky enough to read an early copy of Just Human by my awesome friend Kerry Heavens, but I was so desperate to read the rest of Liv and Danny’s story that each day felt like a year! That is how great Kerry’s talent for writing is.

So now, Danny and Liv are back!!! I get giddy every time I read that line of the synopsis even now that I’ve read the book it still excites me. If you’ve read Just Human then you will know that it didn’t end all too happy, and Still Human picks up just after that with a fantastic story of not only second chance, but third chance love, that you don’t want to miss out on.

I love this series so much. Danny and Liv are the modern day fairy tale and that stands out more and more as you read each book. With Liv being the kick ass, strong, independent heroine, and Danny being the gorgeous, unbelievably swoon worthy hero – I’m honestly not sure if a book boyfriend has ever made me swoon so much – their love story is real. It’s intense. It’s heartbreaking. And it’s so damn beautiful.

As you can tell from the quote I used at the top of this review, “the tree” makes a few more appearances in Still Human. Did you know that that scene in Just Human that involved the fallen tree was added in completely last minute after having to remove some song lyrics? I can’t even begin to explain to you how happy I am about that because for me the story behind the tree is an incredibly powerful thing, so obviously I’m very happy it plays a significant part in a few more scenes in Still Human.

Though I felt the first half of the book didn’t capture me quite as much as Just Human did (it was still amazing!), the last, maybe, 40% of this book was the stronest of both books for me, I think. I absolutely loved it. I was in a near constant state of simultaneous tears and grinning. I honestly must have looked ridiculous, hugging my kindle close with a grin to rival the Cheshire Cat and tears pouring down my face. I didn’t think a book was capable of creating that much love in my heart but Kerry ruined me with the best book feels possible.

I have recommended Just Human to just about anyone who would listen since I first read it before release and now I’ve read Still Human, I think even more that you need to read this series. Liv and Danny are the ultimate soul mates and their story will always have a special place in my heart.

I’m always rooted here with you and together we are too strong to fade away.


As you may or may not have noticed, I didn’t mention the two second most important people in this series, Liv and Danny’s best friends Max and Jen, and that’s because the amazing Kerry Heavens has stopped by Hot Reads HQ to talk about the importance of Book BFFs in her novels. Enjoy.

Book BFFs

There is so much talk about Book Boyfriends. Who is the ultimate one, who is the sexiest one, who is the sweetest one, who is on your laminated list of 10, or 20…But very rarely are the Book Best Friends the focus of anyone’s attention.
When I was writing Just Human, I knew that I wanted it to be a book about friendship, not just romance. Time and time again, I heard – write what you know and in my life, my friends are important. Friends are the family you chose, so the saying goes. So I wanted to use some of my experience to form the relationships of Liv and Max, and Danny and Jen.
I have three friendships that inspired me to write Max and Jen in the way that I did. Three incredible friends, ok, I have lots of incredible friends, but these three in particular just inspired me. They are guys. I have known them over twenty years and despite us all getting married, nothing has changed in our relationships. Ok, we see each other far less, but when we are together, it is still the same. My husband used to be a fourth friend in this equation, but I don’t count him, since we effectively ruined our friendship years ago.
The dynamic of our group is fantastic. The boys are all best friends, have been most of their lives. I was the token girl and they all looked after me. One of them would always see me home, or provide a sofa after a night out. They have always looked out for me and with the exception of my husband, the friendships have always been platonic. In addition to this, they are all now married and the bonus is, they all found great wives, who are also great friends and who have no problem with our group dynamic. Things turned out pretty perfectly, considering I had assumed I would lose them all to dragons!
This is why I was so determined to show in Just Human and Still Human, that book BFFs don’t always have to be jealous, interfering types, who give bad advice so that they get to keep their friends to themselves. It works just as well, it is just as much of a story, if they wholeheartedly support their friends and play an important part in pushing them together.
Max and Liv met at a point where Liv was lost and needed a new direction and Max was just ready to start discovering who he really was. They were both the type to not follow the crowd and together they took this to extremes. If nothing had changed in Liv’s life, if Danny had stayed, she still would have been a very individual girl. But meeting Max at the time she did, put her on a different path and there she truly found herself.
Danny and Jen are of course a similar story; they met when Danny was lost, but the difference was Jen wasn’t. She wasn’t looking for anything, or trying to discover anything about herself. She was just a regular girl, looking for fun. Danny was in no fit state to object and just went along with her. Eventually, he found comfort in having her around and began to enjoy life again.
They both found BFFs who have helped them become the people they needed to be in order to make their relationship work. Both Jen and Max, selflessly pushed them together, knowing that their friendships would have to change. But there is so much love in this group that they knew it would be ok. In return, Danny and Liv are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths to make sure their friends are happy, because these friends are family and when it comes to family, nothing is too much.
I’m working on something new now and the BFFs are very different. But my friends will always influence them, because they’re all fantastic in their own ways!

Kerry x


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