Release Day Launch – Eraser by Megan Keith – Holly’s 4.5 Star Review, Book Trailer and Playlist

AUTHOR: Megan Keith
GENRE: Erotica
RELEASE DATE: 28th October, 2013

A man with no name.





Once a week he frequents the bar where Mackenzie works.  He orders the same drink, scotch on the rocks, and he sits back on the same lounge chair, quietly watching… waiting…

He has money – that much is obvious.  He wears his tailored suits well.  He smells divine, of expensive cologne, and orders his scotch from the top shelf.

He drinks alone, but he never leaves that way.  With a snap of his fingers, a flick of his eyes, a glimmer of a smile, he gets the attention of the most attractive women in the bar.

This time his focus is on Mackenzie.  Instead of feeling nervous Mackenzie is enthralled, intrigued…
and aroused.

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****ARC received in exchange for an honest review****

★★★★☆ 4.5 Stars

When I found out that Megan Keith was trying her hand at Erotica I was really excited to see what she could come up with. Her previous novels, Finding My Way and Crossroads, were both pretty hot reads so I knew that Megan had it in her to write a book in this genre and let me tell you, I was not wrong. Eraser is a fantastic debut into the world of Erotica.

With only 6 chapters and an epilogue, Eraser is a short novella that packs a punch. I was instantly intrigued by this mystery man whose name we don’t know as we see him through the eyes of Mackenzie and learn about his routine at the bar.

Sir was a great dominant character and I loved that Mackenzie wasn’t weak when it came to being submissive. She had fire in her that pushed Sir’s boundaries and made her likable. And of course it was very sexy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Megan certainly knows how to write the steamy scenes!

This was a really quick and enjoyable read and though it was written with no intention of making it anything more than a stand alone novella, I really hope that Megan decides to revisit this couple because I loved their story. The epilogue was just perfect and I had the biggest grin on my face while reading it.

Megan Keith is definitely an author that should be on your bookshelf.


Eraser is now available from the following retailers for just 99c/77p
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA

Megan Keith is a married, mother of three, living in a small country town in New South Wales, Australia.  She has a constant thirst for a good story, whether it is in books, music, movies, on TV, or just plain old-fashioned gossip.  She has always had a creative side and loves to let her imagination run wild.   On a few occasions over the years, Megan has put those imaginings into a written story, but never dreamed of publishing.  She has always loved to read, but it wasn’t until she got given a Kindle that it became a full-blown addiction.  Her introduction to the world of Indie Authors re-ignited her passion for writing.  Megan published her first book Finding My Way, a New Adult Romance, in June 2013.  Crossroads, the second book to the Finding My Way trilogy, was published September 2013.  Eraser (a dark & erotic novella) is Megan’s first attempt at Erotica.





Check out this fab book trailer for Eraser!


Megan Keith has put together a playlist of songs that inspired her while writing Eraser. You can now listen to them too!


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