Blog Tour – The Art Of Letting Go by Anna Bloom – Character Interview – Lilah


Lilah from Anna Bloom’s The Art Of Letting Go has popped in for a few drinks and a chat. See what she has to say about Tristan-the-Arse, her lightweight boss Anna, and Ben’s long slim fingers . . .

Hi Lilah! Thanks for stopping by Hot Reads HQ. How about we start this off the right way? Wine?

If it’s cold I’ll have a white please.

You got it! You were quite well off whilst working for your dad. Do you ever regret leaving everything behind and going to University? 

No not at all. I never got to spend my wages anyway because I was always at work; now I am just very poor but with a cracking social life. It’s one of the many small ironies of my life.

How different do you think your life would be now if you had stayed working at the bank?

Well I would be in a coma at my desk, or hiding in the toilet sleeping off a hangover. I’d probably also be  married to the wrong man and spending my weekends down the garden centre choosing which shrubs would look better in the flower beds. My life is infinitely much, much better now.

Ugh, you’re right. Let’s change things up a bit. Beer? You’re quite a pro when it comes to all things Ben. Tell us some juicy gossip about the gorgeous boy next door that can’t be found in the book. 

Haha, um is this going to end up in a magazine? Because I don’t think his PR Assistant will be pleased with me, but let me just tell you in girl code that Ben is all about attention detail, and the slower the better if you get my drift. I try not to put the details down in my diary because once my twin Tristan-the-Arse read one of my diaries out to the whole pub when were eighteen – I learnt my privacy lesson the hard way…but believe me, when I describe Ben as hot, I am not talking about him looking smoking in some low slung jeans. Those long slim fingers weren’t just to made to entwine with mine 😉

Oh my! I’ll be having words with Tristan because we need to be hearing more about Ben’s magic fingers 😉 What’s your favorite thing about Ben? In or out of clothes 😉

The blue twinkle and crinkle. It was the first thing I ever saw and it will be the one thing that I never forget. The perfect shade of blue glinting at me as he thinks of some mischievous thing to do or something sarcastic to say. That is just Ben.

I’ll be meeting up with your boss, Anna Bloom, in a few weeks for drinks. Do you think I can ply her with booze for information on book two? 

Anna is an outrageous lightweight and I reckon it will take two glasses of Pinot for her to tell you everything in the rest of the series. She can’t keep secrets to save her life.

In that case, plan “ply Anna with booze” will definitely be happening!  Ok. It’s time for the good stuff. SHOTS!! I think you may need a double for this confession. I kinda love your brother, Tristan-the-Arse. Do you think he changed during the course of your first year at Uni? 

Better make that a vodka chased by a sambuca. Yeah, I suppose. He is still an arse no matter what good personality traits Meredith has managed to force out of his Neanderthal character. I think what happened in January had a huge impact on him, but he never talks about it. Maybe he will one day. It’s funny in a way, I spent so many years disliking him, I never realised that I had forgotten the reasons why I didn’t like him in the first place. Put me in a room with him for a few hours and I am sure I will remember.

Now we’ve got the shots out, how about a little game? I’ll say something, and I want you to take a shot of vodka then tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

Your parents – Headache

Meredith – Red

Deathtrap Cooper – Dangerous

The gym – Stick Insect in Lycra – bitch

Ben – Sex-Guitar-Blue

And finally, your first year of University – Sex-Guitar-Blue-Vodka-Upchuck

Thanks so much for dropping in for a chat Lilah. You’re pretty drunk though so you should probably ring Ben to come and get me. I mean you. Get you. Anyway . . . Congratulations on your first year at Uni and I can’t wait to see what you get up to in year two.

Thanks Holly, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed I get to go back next year…I fucked up those exams pretty bad.


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