Exposure by Iris Blaire – Holly’s 4.5 Star Review and SALE



She’s the sexiest secret at East Park University.

Rylan Willow is the top model for East Park Exposed, the university’s underground and insanely successful erotic magazine.

Her friends know her as Evan Cosette, a biochemistry major with a flawless GPA.

East Park Exposed has kept Evan’s tuition paid. All she has to do is keep up the naïve school-girl disguise when she’s on campus and her secret is safe, her two worlds separate.

Until Dallas.

When the magazine runs a co-ed shoot to broaden readership, Evan’s partner is a gorgeous and disgustingly brilliant grad student. Evan doesn’t know how much of Dallas Whitley she’ll be able to handle, especially when he wants to study with her outside the studio. She promises herself that she can just be friends with Dallas. He has a girlfriend, after all. And Evan needs to focus.

She can’t when the co-ed printing brings sales through the roof.

She can’t when her photographer wants to crank the heat for the next issue.

Every steamy shoot leaves Evan gasping for breath, her true feelings for Dallas clouded by their camera-charade. But the more time she spends with him in the real world, the more she risks someone finding out the truth about her.

She needs to decide.

Who gets Dallas—Rylan, or Evan?

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****ARC given in exchanged for an honest review****

★★★★☆ 4.5 Stars

Exposure was a super hot, super fun, refreshing read that I devoured in just one afternoon and really enjoyed. It is a perfect sexy weekend read and just the right book for taking a break from all the heavy, emotion-filled, gritty angst that is around at the moment.

The female main character Even/Rylan is awesome. She is super smart, hard-working, funny, feisty, outspoken and a really likeable character. She’s living a double life to try and keep her work life and her student life seperate, which could be difficult considering she works for her College Magazine. By night, dressed in sweats, no make-up, glasses on, and hair tied back, Evan Cosette is your every day Bio geek. But by day she shreds the frumpy clothes, dons big hair and lots of make-up and becomes Rylan Willow. East Park Exposed favourite Glamour Model. 

“More Rylan. Like someone just jizzed all over your face and you don’t know how you feel about it yet.” ~ Britain.

Dallas is just like Evan. He’s really clever, kind of shy at first but then he seems to come out of himself as the book progresses. He’s absolutely gorgeous with a body you want to do unspeakable things things to 😉 He has a girlfriend (if you can really call her that), she’s always too busy for him, she puts all her attention on her work and she hardly has sex with him anymore and when she does its only for as long as it takes to get him off. He deserved so much better than what she was giving him and I felt really sorry for him. Thankfully, things get a whole lot better for him when he gets a job Modelling with EPE.

I swim to the surface, spitting water from my mouth. Dallas was treading water next to me, looking too smug for my tastes. I want to kill him. I want to ravish him, and then I want to kill him. ~ Rylan/Evan.

Rylan and Dallas have to do a number of various steamy photo shoots together, each one getting sexier and believe me when I say they are HOT! Not only do Evan/Rylan and Dallas get sexually frustrated but I was feeling it right along with them. I love the theme that was set for their shoots and I think that just made it even hotter. Dallas is the dominating College Professor and Rylan is the sweet and innocent student needing to better her grades. The more scenes they did together, the hotter things get and believe me when I say that no amount of fanning yourself will cool you down!

Britain instructs Evan to arch her hips and look at the camera. I lower my head to the ear facing me. When her hair brushes against my lips, something inside me snaps. Dancing with her like this is a slow, torturous death, and I can’t take it anymore. I open my mouth and catch her earlope, scraping my teeth against her tender flesh. She moans my name softly and I almost lose it right there. ~ Dallas.

The secondary characters were great. Delilah and Adam are other Models for the magazine. I liked Delilah and at one point I really felt sorry for her because of something that Evan did that hurt her. I’m still not sure how I feel about Adam. He was sexy but he knew it and he was also a bit of an ass but I guess every book needs a guy like him. Britain was my favourite. She was Evans best friend, roommate, and she owned EPE. She was the in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is kind and I thought she was a great friend and person in general.

“Boys want sweet, innocent little Rylan. They want to peel those panties away and deflower you with their minds.” ~ Britain.

Though I felt like the book ended rather abruptly, I’ve been assured that the story picks right back up in book #2 Dark Frame which is set for release in November 2013. I absolutely cannot wait for more from these guys. Iris Blaire definitely has a fan in me.

Every girl should lavish in the fame of being a Pornstar once in her life. – Evan.


That’s right! To celebrate the near release of Dark Frame, Exposure is on sale for the entire month of October 2013. Perfect time to buy at just 77p/99c

Amazon UK | Amazon US


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