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Recommended for 17 years+. This book contains language which some may find offensive and sexual situations.

Bree ‘Breeze’ Delany never imagined her life could sink so deep. That such intense pain could take up residence in her heart and shred her soul to pieces. And all it had taken was one little word to drag Bree to the depths of this despair, cancer.

It took just one person to pull Bree from the darkness, her best friend Harper Somerville. Determined to show his Breeze the beauty in life no matter how short or long it is, Harper takes Bree on the road trip of a life time.

Not only does Harper remind Bree how exciting and beautiful life is, but he also shows her a passion and love that she has only read about in her naughty romance novels.

Screw happily ever afters, perhaps life was meant to be lived with happily ever nows…

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********ARC received in exchange for an honest review********

Donna’s 5+ Star Review

An AMAZING 5+ stars heartfelt, gut wrenching story that will stay with you long after you’ve read the last word. I love a beautiful cover and this one was no different but the scarf told me what I need to know before even opening the book.~ “A true friend is someone who believes in you when you stop believing in yourself.”

I cried. I laughed. I smiled and I cried some more and then I smiled through my tears. The story reminds us of a very important life lesson, “Life is what you make it, Live every day like it is your last, because it just might be.”

Breeze Delaney, has received some bad news, the one word that can turn your life upside down in a heartbeat. She has cancer. She has made it through the chemo and radiation but the zest for life has been swept away and she has shut herself off from everyone, except George. George is the father figure who lives across that hall who took care of Breeze while she was going through treatment but he wants her to engage life again so he reaches out to her roommate Harper.

Harper Somerville had me at “baby girl”. He just about made my heart melt throughout the story. Harper is a sexy, professional surfer and her best friend. When he returns home after 8 months on tour to find out that she is sick and didn’t reach out to him he is hurt but responds with calm and compassion.

After catching up and mending fences Harper decides that there is something he needs to share with Breeze. He takes her to a children’s hospital where Breeze meets Mia. Mia is the sister of Harper’s Tour Mate, Jack and she is battling leukemia. There is almost an instant connection between Mia and Breeze. You feel the spark of their connection while they talk boys and music in their sterile environment.

Next up ROAD TRIP! Harper has decided that he is over Breeze’s pity party and wants her to start to living life again…a life with him in it. Here is where I continued to fall for Harper. He is selfless when it comes to Breeze. He will do anything to make her smile, put her at ease and let her know that she is loved.I enjoyed their banter laced with sexual innuendos and the fact that even though they had known each other for years they still were nervous about admitting their feelings for one another. I enjoyed watching Harper and Breeze cross off the “Nevers”.

“You are going to live, baby girl, and you are going to live with no regrets. And if you go before me, I want you to know when it’s my turn I will find you. I am going to rock your afterlife just like I rocked your living life.” ~ Harper.

So, I was waiting for the moment that would reduce me to tears and when it came it didn’t disappoint. The author truly engages the reader, putting them right there to feel the waves of emotions as the characters experience it. Harper and Breeze’s love story is grand, built on friendship that has flourished into love. A love that realizes that outer beauty will never surpass ones inner beauty. That regardless of what life throws at you, the support of loved ones will sometimes be enough to pull you through and help you find the inner strength you need to live each day to the fullest and fight for what you really want.


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