Indulgent Pleasures by Karen Erickson – Holly’s 4 Star Review



Writer Stephanie Shaw is on the fast track to getting her own column in San Francisco’s City magazine. Researching the most popular sexual fantasies of the young and single in the city sounds hel-lo…awesome. But she has one big problem: no one willing to help put her extensive research to the test.

Enter former pro baseball superstar Justin “The Hawk” Hawkins. He didn’t plan on having a one-night stand in a freaking limo with the beautiful, klutzy Stephanie. Once he has her though, he can’t stop thinking about her. Soon they’re hooking up everywhere, having the hottest affair imaginable. Making all of their secret fantasies come true…and then some.

Media-shy Justin has no idea Stephanie’s a writer–and sharing their sexual escapades with the entire city via her column. As they fall deeper, Stephanie’s conflicted. Tell the sweetly gorgeous Justin about her anonymous column detailing their every encounter or keep it a secret and risk getting caught? He’d never forgive her for doing such a thing.

Or would he?


Holly’s 4 Star Review

********ARC received in exchange for an honest review********

Like many of you out there I am a huge fan of Monica Murphy books and so when given the chance to read and review a book she is ‘re-releasing under the name Karen Erickson I was more than happy to give it a go. Indulgent Pleasures is a completely different genre to One Week Girlfriend and Second Chance Boyfriend so be warned, just because you love Monica’s books doesn’t necessarily mean you will love Karen’s books. However, if super sexy, steamy love stories are your thing then this book is for you!

When Stephanie is asked by her Editor Zoe to go out, find a man and experience one of the top10 sexual fantasies of women for an article she is reluctant. That is, until she trips and is caught by a tall, muscled stranger and can barely see through her lust-hazed eyes. He ends up giving her a ride home (in more ways than one *wink wink*) and so there she has her article – sex with a stranger. She has no plans of seeing him again, and especially not when she finds out his identity as Justin Hawkins – media hating, ex baseball player. But when he turns up at her apartment asking her to spend more time with him, she can’t say no. And there is the start of a very sexual, raunchy relationship that unbeknownst to Justin, is documented for the world to see.

I loved the idea behind this book. Stephanie wasn’t Justin’s usual type of boring, skinny, fake women, and Stephanie would never have dreamed she would date someone famous. They were getting closer and although they tried to deny their feelings, you could tell they were starting to fall for each other. Throw in a fantastic sex life that will have you fanning yourself and you’ve got the perfect love story. Right? Wrong! Because she still hasn’t told him she’s writing about their sexcapades every week for a magazine! I was cringing so bad because I just knew he was going to find out and all hell would break loose. I really wanted her to just STOP and for him to never find out. But good decisions don’t make a good story..

Stephanie’s colleague Caleb is an ASS HOLE!! There is literally not a single good thing to say about him. He is every thing that is wrong with men today (granted not all men) and then some! He makes my skin crawl and I seriously could not stand him in the slightest. I didn’t think her Editor Zoe, was too bad to start with but then she seemed to get kind of stupid and needy when it came to Caleb and I just wanted to give her a shake and shout “What the heck are playing at???” Even though I hated them I kind of loved the role they played as the bad guys. Or rather, Caleb as the bad guy and Zoe as the stupid girl, swayed by some attention. I did for some reason feel sort of sorry for her though, just not enough to forgive her for what she did.

My favourite part was the ending. It was perfect and made me fall for Justin so hard. Even just thinking about it now I have a big cheesy grin on my face and a dreamy look in my eyes. I do wish there had been an epilogue though so we could see where they are further down the line because I’m a sucker for that. Indulgent Pleasures was a sexy read with added drama and a huge helping of love thrown in for good measure. And who doesn’t love, love?

She was finally in his arms again and he didn’t plan on ever letting her go.

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