Breathe by Abbi Glines – Holly’s 4.5 Star Review



In the shore town of Sea Breeze, Sadie discovers that fame is nothing in the face of passion. A steamy read from bestselling author Abbi Glines.

Sadie White’s summer job is at the beach, but she won’t be working as a lifeguard. Since her mom is pregnant and refuses to work, Sadie will be taking over as a domestic servant for a wealthy family on a nearby island.

When the family arrives at their summer getaway, Sadie is surprised to learn that the owner of the house is Jax Stone, one of the hottest teen rockers in the world. If Sadie were normal—if she hadn’t spent her life raising her mother and taking care of the house—maybe she’d be excited about working for a rock star. But she’s not.

Even though Sadie isn’t impressed by Jax’s fame, he is drawn to her. Everything about Sadie fascinates Jax, but he fights his attraction: Relationships never work in his world, and as badly as he wants Sadie, he believes she deserves more. Yet as the summer stretches on, Jax’s passion leaves him breathless—and Sadie feels like the only source of oxygen.

Can their love overcome the disparity in their lifestyles? One breath at a time, they’re going to find out…


This is a review of the new version on Breathe with Jax’s POV. 

Holly’s 4.5 Star Review

When Sadie White finished school for the Summer she started working as a Domestic Servant for a very wealthy family in the coastal town of Sea Breeze. Unbeknownst to her, it was the family home of teen heartthrob, rock star, Jax Stone. But Sadie didnt care. She had more important things going on in her life such as working her butt off to earn money to pay for rent, food and diapers because her heavily pregnant Mother was a lazy, waste of space who only cared about herself.

His comment seemed to ease my momentary lapse of common sense from his nearness, and I shook my head. “Not every teenage girl in America. You’ve never been on my walls. So I guess you’re right – I don’t care.” I walked away, leaving him standing behind me. – Sadie to Jax.

Jax Stone spends his Summers at his mansion in the private town of Sea Breeze where no-one bothers him and he can get a break from being hounded by screaming fans and paparazzi. So when he arrived home, not only was he not expecting to find a beautiful, young girl in his house, but he also wasn’t expecting to find his “air”.

“When I watched you with Marcus, my chest would tighten, and it became hard to breathe. But then I would see you smile or laugh, and I could take a deep breath again.” – Jax to Sadie.

As much as they both tried, neither Jax nor Sadie could deny the attraction between them and so they decide to spend the Summer together knowing that a few short months down the line they would go their seperate ways. Jax is positively swoon-worthy and he super cute! He took such good care of Sadie and it was great to see him acting like a normal guy his age when he was around her. As I said, things get steamy in this version and oh my! *fans self* Jax is super hot, funny and sweet and I had many an “ahhhhh” moment.

I didn’t have the words for her. I couldn’t explain to her what an absolute ass I’d become. The guy she knew was the guy I’d once been. The guy I’d been before the world knew my name. She had found me and reminded me of what it felt like to be real. – Jax about Sadie.

I loved the secondary characters. Marcus Hardy also falls for Sadie and is (understandably) a bit of an ass when it comes to her relationship with Jax, and although he doesn’t want to see Her hurt, I think he would do just about anything to prove he would better for her than Jax. Ms.Mary and Mr.Greg are an elderly pair that also work at the house and I loved how they looked out for Sadie and were such lovely people. As you would imagine with a relationship with a rock star and girl with an irresponsible and selfish brat of a Mother, there is a LOT of drama. But there’s also plenty of laugh out loud moments.

I frowned up at him. “It hurts when I look at it?”
Jax closed his eyes tightly and laid his head back against the chair. “Yeah, it does. Think of it this way. It wants you. It wants parts of you it can’t have. But he doesn’t know that so he is very ready to take that part of you, and I have to convince him to calm the fuck down. But you looking at him confuses him and he ignores me and stays ready.” – Sadie and Jax.

When Abbi Glines said she was ‘re-doing Breathe with added Jax POV and steamy scenes I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and I wasn’t dissapointed. This version fits in perfectly with the rest of the incredible Sea Breeze series and whether you enjoyed the original Breathe or not, or even if you never read it, you should definitely give this a read. Breathe is a beautiful, sweet, funny, sexy read about finding yourself and everything you ever needed in one perfect Summer.

He leaned down and touched his perfect lips to mine, and my heart took flight. I would never get tired if his kiss. Jax Stone was my everything. – Sadie.

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