Just Human Review

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Meet Liv and Danny…

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her, so she lets him go without a fight when his parents make him move back to America. She knows she will never love anyone like she loved him, but she has to move on.

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him, because she does nothing to get him to stay, so he goes quietly when his parents leave the UK. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her, but he has to move on.

Twelve years on, they have made a good job of pretending, they may have almost forgotten. But when they get in touch via Facebook, it seems that it is all still there.

They quickly find that they are intensely compatible in ways they hadn’t even begun to explore before they were forced apart.

Can they put aside their fears and give it a go? Or will deep rooted doubts and insecurities tear them apart?


********ARC received in exchange for an honest review********

5 Stars

I am so happy to be a part of this Blog Tour for Kerry Heavens’ debut novel Just Human. Not only because Kerry is someone I became friends with over Twitter a while ago, but because this book is truly a terrific read and definitely one you need to look out for. I’m not gonna lie . . . As I was reading I was really surprised at just how good it was and I kept thinking “Wow! I can’t believe Kerry actually wrote this!!!”

So we have Danny and Liv. Childhood sweethearts that got separated by the ocean when Danny had to move from England to America with his family. They both thought the other didn’t love them enough because they never put up a fight for their relationship. They lost contact but after twelve years of failed romances they are reunited. And this is where the story really begins. Told mostly in Liv’s POV with Danny’s POV thrown in occasionally to strengthen the story, Just Human sucks you in, takes hold, and won’t let go.

This was really, honest to God a great book. I was drawn in from the start with Kerry’s writing and the characters she created. They were fun and witty, with big hearts and I found myself really wanting to get to know them. Connie – Liv’s great aunt – was one of my favourite characters! I thought she was a really wise old lady and she seemed like so much fun! I had a sneaking suspicion that she was up to something and I loved that I was right! She was so cool and I really hope we get to hear more from her in book #2.

I loved Jen and Max as Danny and Liv’s BFFs but to me it really was all about the two main characters. Usually in books it’s the guy that’s covered in tattoos and the girl has “pure” skin, but it was the other way around in this book. Liv had loads of tattoos and (being tattooed myself) I thought that was great. There’s on specific tattoo mentioned that has a really moving story about it and I went a little mushy when I read that bit and even though it was only talked about briefly, it’s really stuck in my head. She wasn’t a whiney, annoying female main character either. She was strong and spunky and really in control of her life.

Then we have Danny. Oh my. Swoon!! He has the looks and the charm in abundance and he sure knows how to make a girl go weak at the knees! He was so dreamy and so dirty!! This book is HOT! Kerry sure knows how to write the sexy stuff. There was a lot of fanning going on while reading this. Another thing that surprised me . . . Danny’s POV was fantastic! Kerry certainly has no problem writing for either sex. I really don’t think it’s possible to read this book and not fall in love with Danny, so I hope we get to hear even more from him in book #2.

One thing that some people might not enjoy – it’s a cliffhanger. Though I will say that I don’t think it’s a MAJOR cliffhanger. But things aren’t sunshine and roses at the end for the characters. Overall this book was absolutely awesome! I couldn’t put it down and read it one day, only stopping to hydrate. There were plenty of laughs, steamy moments and throughout the majority of the book I had a smile on my face as I read it. This book is definitely worth it’s 5 Stars! Well done Kerry Heavens. I anxiously await Still Human – out in Autumn/Fall.


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