Pulse Review





How do you keep existing when your heart is so splintered, so completely torn to shreds, your pulse is fading?

You’re…broken. How do you move forward when every breath is nothing more than a constant ache? Living becomes an insidious reminder that you threw away the single largest part of yourself. Your…soul. No amount of distraction can pull you from the torture of losing your…life.

Now that Emily Cooper has walked away from her first love, she finds herself running toward her only love. Unraveling fast, but clinging to hope, Emily risks all she has left on the man that has consumed her every thought and dream since the day they met. Will Gavin take her back? And if so, will their reunion be a collision of two hearts destined to complete one another and rekindle a love that knew no boundaries? Or will scars from their past rip open, tearing slowly at what each of them was meant to be? Can fate, the ultimate game changer, mend the shattered road it laid out from the start?

Only time will tell…



Donna’s 5 Star Review

PULSE the highly anticipated follow up to Collide. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr. Gavin Blake and well where to start….ok how about AMAZING!! This book did not disappoint. 5 STARS ARE NOT ENOUGH! I fell head over heals for Gavin Blake and his shmexy ways in Collide but Pulse had me falling even further. Gail McHugh has outdone herself!

Pulse picks up right where everything collided…the night before the wedding. Emily is left to deal with the consequences of her actions but can she move forward without her everything? Will Dillon just let her walk away? Can Gavin find a way to mend his shattered heart and carry on without the woman that is like breath?

Emily has endured Dillon for the last time Having decided she has had enough she leaves in the middle in the night in search of Gavin. The only problem, he has gone of the grid…she will need to find him and beg for his forgiveness.

Gavin has fled the country in the aftermath of the evening. Looking for something, anything to take away the loss and heartache he feels at losing Emily.

“He loved her. Breathed her in as if she were the air around him…the air he would be deprived of forever.”

Will their love be enough to pull them through? Can a hurt like that be forgiven?

“I stared at the ceiling half the night wondering if I could honestly go the rest of my life without kissing these lips ever again.”

Once deciding that one cannot exist without the other the healing process begins.

“I’m proud of you for finally seeing you deserve a better life with a man who honestly loves and cares for you.”

But their journey back to one another and finding the happiness that they both deserve has its ups and downs. Half truths, loyalties and friendships are questioned. Unfortunately Dillon finds a way to entangle himself in the new life that Gavin and Emily are creating for themselves. His presence causing angst and conflict. But there’s this little thing called karma….and Dillon gets some of what he deserves.

Consumed…that would be a good word for how I felt. I was captivated by the loss, love, forgiveness and all things shmexy! I could not put the book down. I needed Gavin and Emily to be okay. You will experience a roller coaster of emotions. You will laugh, smile and smirk at all things shmexy and yes you will cry. But in the end, what you will have experienced is a beautiful love story in which loss and pain are triumphed by love!

“Little did she know then, a stolen moment, a sweatshirt, many bottle caps, and a few layers peeled back later, her life would never be the same.”


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