In My Veins Cover Reveal

Check out this awesome Paranormal Romance cover and synopsis from C.A. Madden! I’m definitely looking forward to this book!



Karina didn’t know what was happening to her. When she started distancing herself from everyone she loved and had unusual things happen to her, she knew something was wrong. But what was it? Sleep was almost non-existent and when she did, she dreamed of memories she did not remember having.

When she met James, a mysterious and handsome man she kept running into, she felt unusually drawn to him. He had a dark secret and he discovered she does too. She just doesn’t know it. He was determined to learn more about her before others did. But little does he know, the exact person he wanted to keep her identity a secret from had already discovered who she was.

When word of her true identity is exposed to the world she didn’t know existed until she met him, her life is put in danger. James is determined to do anything to protect her.

But what if the only way to protect her… is to let her go?



Authors note:  Hi everyone. As some of you might notice the cover is familiar. That is because I won’t be publishing The Perfect Scandal anymore (at least for a while). It’s not a big deal anymore, but long story short— I wrote The Perfect Scandal a long time ago.  It was on a site for free. I came across a story recently that sounded a lot like mine. Might be a coincidence because I didn’t actually read that story, but I decided to just let it go. Sorry to those who were looking forward to it. After some encouraging words from people who had already read it and people who really wanted to read it, I am considering some options. Till then, I have so many other stories! 😉 Thanks for understanding. xoxo



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