Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre – Holly’s 5 Star Review



Hope didn’t have the best role model when it came to relationships. She’s content with her current no-strings-attached extracurricular activity with the lead singer of her band. She’s never believed in love and commitment.

Mason starts his eighth school in five years anticipating nothing more than the usual—boring classes, fighting more than making friends, and girls happily willing to succumb to his easy smile. He’s never put much stock into love at first sight—until he sees her.

Regardless of their painful pasts, Hope and Mason discover that sometimes never can become forever.

This is a mature young adult. Recommended for 17+ due to sensitive subject material, harsh language, and sexual situations.


Holly’s 5 Star Review

Sometimes I think my veins run with poison. We’re all slowly dying, right? From the moment we’re born, our time dwindles away. Like some countdown we’re not privy to. We can die at any moment.

Hope Love is nothing like most girls her age. She’s detached from almost everyone around her, with only a handful of friends. She prefers to listen to music on her iPod and make music with her band, rather than go to parties and socialize. At the age of 12 she suffered a traumatic experience that has left her feeling utterly broken and hating everything that makes her who she is. She never knew her Father and a year ago her Mom and would-have-been stepdad were killed in a car accident, leaving Hope to be brought up by a foster family.

“I have so much baggage, so many skeletons in my closet, so many issues, I need a storage unit for all the overflow. I’m fucked up. And if you hang around me too long, I’ll fuck you up too.”

Mason Patel has also suffered. After his Father passes away, his Mom finds it hard staying in one place for too long and so he finds himself starting his 8th school in the space of 5 years. He has a close and very loving relationship with his Mom and Brother but that’s as far as his relationships go. He doesn’t see the sense in making friends or dating when he knows he will be moving again.

Mason and Hope were great characters, they were both strong but equally weak and found themselves dealing with their past pain in destructive ways. I loved watching their relationship grow and the way they communicated with each other. Mason was such a great guy and you could tell he really loved Hope and would do anything for her. I don’t think it’s possible to NOT love Mason. You couldn’t help but feel for Hope. She’s been through so much and its effected her in such a strong way that it’s holding her back from living her life to the full. But with Mason she doesn’t feel so broken. He starts helping her to heal and really open up to someone.

He is the eraser to my chalk. The milk to my cereal. The chocolate to my peanut butter. We were made for each other in cookie heaven.

I loved the secondary characters! The guys in Hopes band; Chase, Park and her very best friend Guy all stood out in the story as well as ‘Princess bitch’ Annie, ‘Dill-weed’ and Kellin and Misty. Even Hopes foster parents were great. They were all well thought out and each brought to life by Cheryl McIntyre and I can’t wait to hear more from these characters.

“You’re not supposed to go anywhere. Jenny said you’re grounded for getting superended.”
I snort.
“Damn, Hope,” Guy sings. “You got superended? I think we need to drop the P in your name ’cause you is a hoe.”

Sometimes Never is a compelling story about beautiful friendships, and how love can light the way through the darkness of your past, if only you give it a chance. Mason and Hope thought they never wanted to find love. But all it took was them finding each other, to realise that sometimes never can become forever.

I never thought I could love someone so much, but sometimes never is a distorted perception because I continuously find myself falling deeper in love with her everyday.

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