Blackbird Review



“Sometimes never is a distorted perception. I love you, Hope. And I’m not the only one. I know you care about me. I see it in your eyes. I feel it. Everybody needs love. Everybody. And some people need it more than others. You’re a liar if you say you don’t. I’ll do that for you. I’ll love you. All you have to do is let me.” –Sometimes Never

What happened in the years between the final chapter and epilogue of Sometimes Never? Blackbird is an 18,000+ word novella that continues Mason and Hope’s story as they finish high school, start separate colleges, and confront their demons.

Though Blackbird can be read on its own, it is better enjoyed after reading Sometimes Never. Recommended for 17+ due to harsh language and some sexual situations.


4.5 Stars

I loved Sometimes Never. And I mean LOVED it!! But I was was left wondering what happened in the years between the last chapter and the incredible Epilogue, and I just wasn’t ready to let go of Hope and Mason yet, so when I saw there was a Novella based around that time I don’t think I’ve ever one-clicked so quick!!

Blackbird tells us the story of Mason and Hope as they move in to Masons apartment together, where they have fun ‘christening’ every room and counter-top. Hope feels bad that Mason has became distant from his Mom due to her thinking Hope is unstable and giving Mason the choice of his family or the girl he loves. So hope tries to fix things by applying to a college closer to his Mom and Kellin but this time she chooses pointlessly live alone instead of with Mason. As time goes on Hope struggles with her demons more and more and distances herself from Mason. Don’t get me wrong, I understand all that she was going through but Mason would do anything for her and I just wanted to shake some sense in to her.

Though we got to know about Masons troubles in Sometimes Never, we really got a good look at them in Blackbird and saw how he struggled to keep his temper in check which resulted in him using his fists before his brain. I really didn’t like Mason’ s Mom. She was such a bitch when it came to Hope. Yeah, I get that she was protecting Kell from seeing something she didn’t want him to see, but Hope was really trying to fix all her problems; she was having regular counselling sessions and trying to heal the rift between Mason and his family. But his Mom wasn’t interested in Hopes troubles. Though maybe it was because if she saw Hope trying to fix her problems then there was no reason why she couldn’t try to fix her own. But she didn’t want to do that so she did what she does best. She ran.

We also see more from Guy and Chase in Blackbird as they swoop in to save the day when Hope is being an idiot and ends things with Mason. I really do love those boys! They’re both so funny and so good to Hope and always looking out for her. Thankfully, everything comes together and we’re left with another perfect ending to a fantastic book by Cheryl McIntyre. I loved this story and though I’m be sad to give up Mason and Hope’s story, I can’t wait to get started on Before Now which is Park’s story.


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