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For Savannah Rae, living life without her parents was unimaginable. But being blamed for her first love’s suicide? That destroyed every part of who she was.

Gone were the days of innocence, happiness, and dreams. Now her days simply meant attempting to survive. In her mind, her only means for that was replacing her grief with men, booze and the fast life. And for five years, it worked.

When an opportunity to leave the nightmares of her past in Australia opens up, she takes it. Los Angeles beckons – with hopes of late nights, new beginnings, and the promise of a string of endless men to distract her, she can’t wait to dive in.

One thing she didn’t count on was meeting her match.

In the eyes of outsiders, Tate Connors has it all; the ultimate LA bachelor who is content with his lifestyle of wild nights, women and one night stands. He’s Mr. Unpredictable with looks that could destroy any woman with one glance.

The craziness of Los Angeles throws them into the chaotic path of each other. Savannah becomes the perfect game, and Tate becomes the ultimate prey. Lines are crossed, emotions are smashed, and the idea of who they truly are begins to be tangled.

However, one thing will become clear.

They are more alike than either one could ever have imagined.


********ARC received in exchange for an honest review********

5 Stars

Life is going to be tough, my beautiful girl. Life will throw you curveballs. Life may try and destroy you, but what matters most is that life will also be beautiful, astonishing, overwhelming and adventurous. It’s yours to live.

Where to start with this book?? How about… Oh my freakin’ God, I am completely and abso-friggin-lutely, 100% totally and utterly in love with Tate Connors!!! Seriously, he barged his way in to my heart and he is refusing to move. This book had it all for me and I am now in desperate need of my next dose of my new favourite Book Boyfriend.

“Everything changed for me the moment you arrived.”

The prologue was the cutest, most precious and special thing I think I’ve ever read. It turned me in to a pile of mush and I lost count of the amount of times I said “Awwwwwwwwwww.” The rest of the story was just WOW! I didn’t want to put it down, and when I HAD to I was constantly thinking about it and needing to get back to Tate and Sav. Savannah lost her parents at a young age and her Dad’s best friend Simon (Mr. Davenport) has always been there for her. I LOVED him!! I want to find myself a sugar daddy just like Mr. Davenport 😉 He had me swooning, he was caring, sexy, and funny. What’s not to want?

“For the last fucking time, please call me Simon. You make me sound like some kind of pimp when you call me Mr. Davenport.”

All of the secondary characters were great. They were a really close group of friends and they were real! They did and said things exactly as a group of friends in their early twenties would and they were so likeable and believable, Rachel Brookes really brought them all to life. Jack made me laugh with just about everything he said, Lucas was very protective and caring, and Tanzi (Tate’s twin sister and Sav’s BFF) was my favourite! I loved how close she was to her brother and how she made Sav a part of their family straight away and I thought she was the kind of best friend that every girl should have.

“Seriously, the things I would do to that man,” Tanzi said the moment she got to my desk as her eyes lingered on Mr. Davenport’s office door.

“Tanzi, you are a sick kitten. He is practically like a second dad to me.”

Her eyes twinkled. “I could be your stepmom.”

Sav and Tate, they were a mess, I’m not going to lie. They had me on the edge of my seat practically the whole way through the book but I just couldn’t get enough! Whenever things started looking up for them, one of them did something to mess it all up!! It was frustrating and fantastic! Sav was a fireball. She was really feisty and – though she had her demons – seemingly strong, and I couldn’t help but love her. For me she was the perfect female main character, and then put her together with the incredibly sexy, and equally broken Tate and there were fireworks!

So Mom, we’re going to head out. Sav wants to ravish my body because it’s my birthday…or something like that.” Tate said with a confidence only he could pull off.

I got angry, I got frustrated, I cried, I laughed, and I loved. Just Breathe isn’t a Happily Ever After. It’s a Happily For Now. And I am left desperate for book #2 in this series so I can see where Rachel Brookes takes Sav and Tate next. This is a book and an author you should definitely look out for.

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