The Bribery Of L.M. Augustine

There’s an awesome author called L.M. Augustine.


You can find him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK and on his BLOG.

He has a YA book out called Click To Subscribe.


You can find my review of it HERE.


And if you’re really cool you can buy it from .COM an .CO.UK

He makes me bribe him so he will send me top secret stuff. I’ve pimped his YA book Click and his next book which is an NA called Two Roads.


And I made the chocolate cake that is mentioned in Click.


He’s a bit of a poem geek so I had a *lightbulb* moment that didn’t actually turn out to be a very good idea but it’s thebest that I’ve got right now. So for one night only (because seriously, I’m never doing this again) I, Holly Baker, have become a poet.

Here’s a poem to tell you why
You should read Click To Subscribe
West Ryder vlogs as Sam Green
He has competitions while eating ice cream
With his best friend Cat Davenport
But it’s Harper Knight who is in his thoughts
She likes bicycle riding cows that eat pizza
And West gets a shock when he meets her
He finds out she’s not Harper but Cat
Then he acts like a real ass hat
But you will still love him
Much more than poem
Because L.M. Augustine rocks
Now can I have my prize in my inbox?

(I think it’s safe to say I won’t be attempting to write a poem again)


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