Girl With Guitar by Caisey Quinn – Holly’s 5 StarReview



After Kylie’s dad dies in a freak accident, he leaves her with nothing other than her crazy step-mother, Darla, and the ability to play guitar. When Darla kicks Kylie out and she loses her job all in the same day, she hops a bus to Nashville determined to make her late father’s dreams come true. Waitressing and saving her pennies to record a demo, her big break comes when she’s asked to join a tour going down the tubes with once platinum album-selling country music superstar Trace Corbin. But touring with Trace is hardly a dream come true since he’s pretty much drinking his career down the drain. If Kylie can’t pull Trace out of his rut, he’ll pull her and her dreams down with him.


**********ARC given in exchange for an honest review***********

Holly’s 5 Star Review

As soon as I saw the synopsis for this book, I knew I had to read it. I was expecting it to be good and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was surprised by just how much I actually loved it!

The story focuses on 18 year old Kylie Ryans who dreams of making it as a Country singer. After losing her Mother at a young age, Kylie is brought up in a single parent household by her Father with whom she is incredibly close. As she gets older, he meets and marries wicked step-mother Darla and when he dies and Darla kicks her out the house, Kylie is left with nothing but her guitar and her dreams. And no-one, not even washed-up, drunken, superstar Trace Corbin is going to stand in her way.

Even though Kylie’s been dealt a tough hand in life, she doesn’t let anyone or anything get her down. She was a very likeable character and I could easily connect with her thoughts and feelings. When Trace was being a jackass (and let’s face it, it was more than once) Kylie wasn’t afraid to call him on it and tell him to sort himself out.

Trace was the sexy, Country singing bad boy and he played the part well; drinking excessively, partying, playing around with girls, missing his gigs and just generally being an ass, while flushing his career down the toilet. Though as it turns out, he’s really not all that bad. In fact, he’s actually a pretty great guy when he’s not trying to push everyone away or play up to who everyone thinks he should be.

You can feel the sexual tension between the pair which leads to some steamy moments that leave you hot and bothered (in the very best of ways). I was so glad when things started to look up for the pair, but you just know something’s going to go wrong. Cue the wicked step Mother making claims that leave Kylie fighting for everything she’s worked so hard for; her career and the man she’s fallen in love with.

I loved pretty much everything about Girl With Guitar, from the struggles that both Kylie and Trace faced, the back stories of the characters, the writing style, the witty and clever dialogue, the song lyrics written by Kylie and Trace (which I would love to hear as actual records), and the beautiful ending to the story. Though they weren’t involved in the storyline to a huge degree I loved secondary characters ; Lulu, Rae, Clare Ann, and Tonya and I really hope to hear more from them.

Though I would have loved to see an Epilogue and find out how Kylie and Trace are doing Months/Years from now, I have been assured we will be seeing from them again. Girl With Guitar had me laughing, crying, pulling out the Ben & Jerrys, falling in love, and wishing for more. I strongly suggest you give this book a try and forget about Rock stars, because there’s a Country boy here waiting to steal your heart.

Caisey Quinn has a big future ahead of her, and I’m so glad I got a chance to witness the start of her journey.

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